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Dementia takes on different realms. The most common form of this dis-ease is Alzheimer’s.

  • The number of Americans living with Alzheimer's is growing fast!
  • In 2016, an estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages had Alzheimer's.
  • One in nine will be 65 and older with an alarming number under 65 years!
  • By 2050, someone will develop dementia every 33 seconds.*

It is all too common and it afflicts entire families.

*Statistics from American Alzheimer’s Association.

Have a concern about memory loss

or a little disconnect?


Is there a failing sense of self or someone you love?

Keeping the body strong, nourished, rested and hydrated properly can help stave off illnesses with better chances of combating disease. Several studies including a 30 year study started in 1979 showed that a healthy lifestyle can delay dementia. Five factors were consistent with results: 

 1) non-smoking; 2) regular physical exercise; 3) low alcohol intake; 4) an acceptable BMI (body mass index); and, 5) a high fruit and vegetable intake. 

 Other studies indicate that hydration can influence chronic issues and inflammation including Alzheimer's.

It is never too late to give your body what it needs!

7-13 servings of veggies per day or 4- 6 cups is a great foundation for a healthy brain and body. For most people, this is hard to do on a daily basis. Good news - you can easily get 30 servings per day in a capsule or chewables of vegetables, fruits & berries! For more information on this whole food source, check into the studies of Juice Plus+. Consider taking them religiously daily. ( Here for more info.)

Water - consume half your weight in ounces per day is good rule-of-thumb for hydration. Discover how to more enjoyably drink water. ( No, not "with scotch or in coffee"!) Add lemons, oranges, strawberries or cucumberss to a pitcher of water. Make a habit of a hot mug of water with lemon and honey. You can also add turmeric to boost the immune system. More easily and for greater convenience, add a drop of high grade essential oil (lemon, orange, grapefruit, black pepper, etc...) to water. These cleanse, satisfy and support the healing of some ailments.( Here for more info.) Call me if you have any questions!

Be patient with yourself and others. If you or someone you love is journeying down this path, take into account your own observations with other’s comments and suggestions. Look for the meaning behind the message or past the delivery of others you may find offensive. When various skills get lost, memory fails or words and emotions have no boundaries, others notice first. This is a hard conversation. When this happens, know there is help, love and understanding out there. The journey is best begun with self-awareness and with a friend or partner.

So here are some things to do:

Move. Find a yoga class to attend regularly that specializes in senior classes. Find a teacher you enjoy with the option of using a chair. You might want or need a chair from time to time. There are countless studies to show the universal benefits for anyone with a regular practice of yoga. It builds strength, flexibility and balance. It calms the mind, promotes restful sleeping patterns, restores patience, helps maintain or build healthy respiratory, circulatory, digestive and immune systems. Yoga intimately reconnects one with their physical bodies which can be disconnected with this disease. Mostly, it helps restore hope and independence through peace of mind. Videos are good but I encourage attending a class. Here are a couple of fun videos. Adrienne is one of my favorites. Sherry Zak Morris has great sequences as well!

Visualization. Take a ‘stay-cation’ from the comfort of your home. Close your eyes and imagine a favorite place. Experience the senses that take place there: the sights and colors… any aromas that are connected to the place… the feel of the air or contact on your skin… the sounds…. When you are done, slowly ‘come back’ holding that space…linger for as long as you like. Working up to doing this type of meditation for 17 minutes will relax the nervous system so the body can function at a higher level. At first, it can be hard so try just a few minutes. Add meditative soft background music like this . The more you practice the great the response you will enjoy. *It does take practice!

Laughter. Go to a live theater performance with an uplifting story. Besides the nice outing, you may find it intellectually stimulating and a release from anger, stress, anxiety or fear. In the company of others, laughter is a great shared experience! Get with people that make you laugh! Rent or watch a funny movie on YouTube or TV. Here is one that has always put a smile on my face and has entertained millions over the years. You can’t beat Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. Check it out!

Breathe. Practice exhaling long, slow and deep. Use a little force to release more air from the bottom of lungs. Contracting abdominal muscles on the exhale will help move the breath up and out more fully. Practice this 7 to 11 times, whenever and wherever you want! Relax the facial muscles and soften the eyes. Feel the breath move through your body…. Notice what happens as you finish these breaths. Dr. Weil has a wonderful video on the 4-7-8 breath that is fantastic for everyone. Practice together!

Sing & Dance. Tune in and turn on to your favorite song! It does not matter how you sound. Just project in song and dance! With yourself or another not only brings enjoyment but follows the body’s natural rhythms, strengthening joints and increasing balance. *Know your limits and be careful! Perhaps you may find a new calling! Check out Rita Hayworth in 'Stayin' Alive'

Clap & Stomp. The harder the better! There are pressure points on your hands and feet that when activated move oxygenated blood flow throughout the body, to the organs and stimulate energetic fields. It may help lessen nerve pain, too. This can be done sitting or standing. Watch this fun video Mayumana Boys Table

Bi-monthly activities at Connect Camp for Adults with Dementia  incorporates these type activities with social interaction. If interested in this program or private classes, download this Connect Camp Registration form or call 817.609.6454.

Thank you for checking out Circle Y Yoga Ranch for dementia care. We hope you found this useful.

Keep the joy that lives inside,

Carol Holmes