Corporate Stretch 4 Success!

Stretch 4 Success!

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A professional development wellness membership 

helps employees exceed professionally


exceeding physically and mentally. 

Studies support that regularly attended wellness programs can: 

* reduce health care expenditures

* mitigate stress, tension and physical injuries

* boost morale & build community at work 

* cultivate more focus & better decision-making

* increase productivity


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  • Stress causes 90% doctor visits.
  • Well-designed, regularly attended, wellness program reduce health-care costs by 25%
  • Studies show 80-90% Americans will suffer from some king of back ailment.
  • Companies spend avg $14,000 per employee per year on health-related productivity losses!
  • US companies lose $300 billion per year on absenteeism, diminished productivity, turnover, medical, legal and insurance fees

Note: *American Institute for Stress; CorSolutions, Inc

STRETCH 4 SUCCESS!  has 8 Modules

Modules are tools that lay a foundation for successful people. Sessions are conveniently on-sight; require no change of clothes; 30 minutes; use standing and sitting postures... and a re a true break, then back to work!

                                                                                            MODULE FOCUS SESSIONS:


  1. Introduction to body awareness, breathing & helpful postures
  2. Balance, Breathing & Brain Health
  3. Focus, Flexibility & Meditation
  4. Neck, Shoulders & De-Stress Techniques
  5. Hips, Legs & Foundational Strength
  6. Back, Core & Posturing for Success
  7. Release & Guided Meditation
  8. Complimentary & Alternative Care (EO, Massage, CPR info, Nutrition, Earthing)

      Professional Development Membership

      Module 1:         $ 95 per 30-minute session, unlimited employees

      Modules 2 - 8:  $1100 focused sessions for 10-person groups/$10 each additional person

      Same-day consecutive sessions: $95

      Travel Fee:  50 mile radius of Weatherford studio - included;  51-70 mile radius - $75

      BONUSES with Modules 2 – 8!
          STRETCH 4 SUCCESS! Reminders to Make It Happily Through the Day! Video for each student
          50% off 8-group SUP (Stand Up Paddle) lesson – great for team-building!

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