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Healthy Transformations!

In 2015 after 30 years, Carol bade farewell to corporate America devoting her time and energy to yoga and helping people find happiness through health. 

Prior to that in 2013, Carol’s husband Trellis “Frank”, seeing his wife’s motivation and passion, started building what was to become Circle Y Yoga Ranch.  He is the quintessential supporter and manager of the most beautiful studio, cantina, pavillion and waterfront imaginable! 

*Circle Y is the first and only Stand Up Paddle facility in the area.

You will find a place to journey with a supportive community. We host gatherings and events in the studio, cantina and patio where you can enjoy bonfires, games, music and good conversation. Dogs Molly, Willie Nelson and our horse, Corporate keep an eye on things and great visitors. We feel fortunate and grateful to the God-given opportunity to indulge ourselves and others in a serene environment exploring healthy transformations.

Expanding positive change for lifelong transformations. 

Circle Y Yoga Teachers

  • Carol Holmes, E-200 RYT, 500 RYT Weatherford, Texas

    Carol is founder and teacher at Circle Y Yoga Ranch, ATLAS CPR Training and executive director of Connect Camp for Adults with Dementia.  

    Consultations and Health Assessment provide opportunity for Carol to focus on helping people on their health journey.  Using the power of movement, breath, awareness, meditation, prayer, nutrition and instilling the practice of making small life changes  toward weight-loss, she journeys with students in the studio, on stand-up paddle boards and on hikes to reach their goals and sustainable lifelong transformations.

    She loves teaching seniors, working professionals, expecting mothers and military and first responders and families who are challenged with physical impairments and post-traumatic stress, as well as, preparing Texas Army National Guard for deployment and substitute teaching at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Fort Worth. 

    Training & credentials:

    • Certified Health Coach
    • Yoga Warriors International Instructor
    • Warriors At Ease Instructor
    • 500 RYT, YogaYoga, Austin, TX
    • E-200 RYT, Indra's Grace, Weatherford, TX
    • Yin Yoga Teacher, YogaYoga, Austin, TX
    • Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff
    • Pranayama, Jeff Migdow, MD & Chase Bossart
    • Restorative Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasiter
    • Prenatal Yoga, YogaYoga, Austin
    • American Heart Association Instructor
    • Juice Plus+ Distributor
    • Young Living Essential Oils Star Member

Guest Teachers

  • Rebecca Thomas

    Rebecca is an avid yoga enthusiast and yoga teacher.  She grew up in Colorado with a passion for horses since learning to ride at age 3.  She has traveled to 36 countries, enjoys international cuisine and held an exciting position marketing organic and natural products to consumers. This experience opened her mind to the world of healthful food choices and healthful living.  

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  • Susie Willmott, RYT
    Weatherford, Texas

    Hatha Yoga Instructor

  • Kirstie Cleary
    Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner & Restorative Yoga Teacher Wellington, New Zealand

    Kirstie is a health consultant with an emphasis in helping people learn and support their unique constitution and bettering their lifestyles. After traveling and studying on many continents, she shares her passion for restorative yoga that provides rest and restores the body, mind & spirit toward optimum functionality.

  • Gerri Stripling, RYT
    Weatherford, Texas

    Hatha Yoga Instructor

  • Ruth Romo, RYT
    El Paso, Texas

    Ruth teaches yoga at both Casa de Yoga East and West. She is an Orientation & Mobility Specialist working with blind individuals. At the Mentis Rehabilitation Facility for Traumatic Brain Injuries, Ruth enjoys teaching therapeutics.

  • Sarah Beth Gresham West, RN
    Burleson, Texas

    Sarah Beth is the founder and co-owner of ATLAS CPR Training, a company that offers experience and teaches skills that saves lives.  As an experienced medical and surgical registered nurse certified in rehabilitation, she has practiced at a nationally recognized Rehabilitation Hospital, working with patients experiencing a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions including Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury (ATBI). Her true passion for nursing is helping patients learn to function at their highest possible capacity.

    She also enjoys teaching various CPR and First Aid courses to businesses, individuals and medical professionals interested or requiring certification.  Her experience provides excellent “real world” insight!

    A native Texan and avid 'foodie', she loves spending time with her two children and enjoys camping and ‘poker nights’ with good friends.


What Our Clients Are Saying About...


Carol - Thank you very much for the online meeting (during COVID-19). Pat was singing all the songs and actually remembered the words. She enjoyed it very much. Thanks again for doing this, we will join you each time, you’re an awesome dudette. - Tom


Carol, you're the best! - David


Class was great. Using the breath, working the core helped me balance. Looking forward to Wednesday's class for lot of variety! - Helen


Thanks Carol for a great event! To stop and hear the birds, see them flying above, looking into the trees to see their leaves flapping in the wind. To see the small planes, fly over and wonder who’s in it. Being able to touch and feel the grass/ground. Looking up at the beautiful blue sky seeing the moon up above.


I love this place, wish I would have found it sooner!  ~ Ronald


Carol is a lovely person and fabulous yoga instructor. You'll feel right at home the moment you walk in the door. Circle Y Yoga studio is the perfect environment to find peace and calm. The space and property are breathtaking and the atmosphere welcoming. Highly recommended!


I attended a CPR AHA certification class here today. Carol is an excellent, confident and thorough instructor and provided the most hands on experience I've ever received in a CPR course (I've taken two previously). Her studio is gorgeous and was a very relaxing place to learn. She also offers a complimentary stand up paddle or studio yoga class to CPR and BLS certification students. Highly recommend!  ~ Linky


After two back surgeries which resulted in nerve damage & two knee surgeries I found Carol Holmes at her studio at Circle Y Yoga.  From her trained instruction, I have been able to rehabilitate my back greater than my two years in physical therapy. My flexibility level and alleviation of pain further encourages me to continue classes with Carol.

This year I had surgery on both feet & Carol came to my home to work with me in “chair yoga” to keep weight off my feet yet use poses for circulation & blood flow to encourage healing to my feet. I would encourage anyone considering yoga to improve the health & strength of both mind & body to consider Circle Y Yoga. Certainly anyone can benefit from Carol’s expertise & knowledge.   ~ Kay

You do a fabulous job Carol. Not only do you arrange amazing projects for our campers (dementia family members) but it's pretty obvious how much you care about each one... I'm certain no one else could put as much time, energy and love into each and every session.  ~ Ceri

 I am extremely grateful. We'll definitely be back. And I find my solo time is a huge help. Thank you so much.  ~ Sherry

Carol. I am grateful for the opportunity you've provided to meet friends for lunch and do a little clothes shopping.  ~ Sherry

My husband is definitely enjoying Connect Camp. I can't thank you enough for providing this opportunity for him. Thanks so much for the photos. I forwarded them to our kids, and they'll be thrilled to have them. You're just the BEST!   ~ Sherry
Your thoughtfulness and big hearts for our loved ones are more meaningful than you can know...you are so appreciated...good tidings for the New Year!

We have used Carol and Atlas CPR training for our office staff training. She is very thorough and respectful of your time resulting in an exemplary experience. Her stand up paddle board yoga was a fantastic experience!"

- Dr. Joel Kleven from Kleven Chiropractic,LLC


"Carol's studio is a good place to relax, but she also gives back to the community, which is always a plus for me."
 - Lisa Bell of NOW Magazine