Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Because we all have experienced some kind of trauma in our lives.

  • Warriors At Ease (closed group classes for military & 1st responders) (link to Community Involvement)
  • Healing…Freedom (general public)

If you think about it, trauma creeps into life all too often - from a pet dying, a car accident, loss of a job, a family member passing or anything that the body or mind cannot shake.  This causes any type of depressive state that can compound if not released.  

Symptoms of trauma has also infiltrated into the lives of military persons and 1st responders due to their line of work. Studies show yoga and meditation helps.  "Deliberate engagement of the autonomic nervous system (via breath, movement and meditation) may help individuals with trauma histories recover and re-balance their nervous systems after exposure to a stressful circumstance or environment cue." (Justice, Brems, Elders (2018) Bridging Body and Mind: Considerations for Trauma-Informed Yoga)

If this sounds familiar, these classes may work for you.

We all process grief in different ways.  Trauma-informed yoga offers an array of techniques to explore and practice tools to help through triggered situations. It may take months or years of despair or a suggestion from a concerned friend or family member to “try a yoga class” or maybe the option to do the inner work without relying entirely on medications ... or self-medicating.  Yoga offers ways to learn to heal and get re-connected with the true self through intention, movement, breath-work and guided meditation practices. 

Classes are individual or small groups. Together, we can expand the circle of healing….