Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga practice …because we all have experienced some kind of trauma in our lives.

If you think about it, traumatic experiences creep into life often - from a pet dying, a car accident, loss of a job, a family member passing or anything that the body or mind cannot shake and causes any type of depressive state.  If this sounds familiar, this workshop us for you.

 We all process grief in different ways.  Trauma-sensitive yoga offers an array of techniques to explore and practice.   It may take months or years of despair or a suggestion from a concerned friend or family member to “try a yoga class” or the desire to do the inner work without relying heavily on medications or self-medicating.  Yoga offers ways to learn to heal, to get re-connected with the true you through intention, movement, breathwork and meditation. 

 Classes are individual or small groups. Together, we can expand the circle of healing….

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