Mat Classes


We honor self-care while practicing yoga in these COVID-19 times!  

Bringing your own mat, props and water will help.  

Teaching self-awareness is part of the practice.  

Do not come to class if in any way feeling bad.

Wash your hands before and after class!  

*We have an industrial ionizer filtering the studio air in regular intervals and  17' ceilings that provide lots of air space.


Circle Y Yoga Ranch, 1305 Russell Bend Road, Weatherford, Texas 76088

(unless otherwise stated)


Basic but can challenge students to meet their own personal needs, recoveries and abilities.  Much focus is on balance, breathing and maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system to keep the body strong and confident.  Students have found daily activities less strenuous with regular practice. Most postures can be done standing or sitting - your choice!

Wednesdays 10:15 - 11:15 am

Mixed Level

Students move easily at their own pace exploring, discovering and evolving ranges of mindful movement. Some sequences use the wall, blocks and straps to support and strengthen postures.  Building more body awareness allows students to confidently challenge themselves to new levels!  

Tuesday       8:45 - 9:45 am   Quail Springs Ranch Clubhouse 100 Goldfinch Rd, Weatherford, Texas 76088

Thursday     4:00 - 5:00 pm

Foundational Flow

This is a restoring practice of de-stressing breathing techniques and vinyasa yoga flow movement.  Build a solid base at your own level, mastering basic yoga forms and re-patterning the body to build strength, balance & flexibility.  

Students move and repeat sequences ending in a relaxing restorative pose. 

Flow movement educates the body and muscles to move in expected ways growing strength and mastery of each form.  If you are looking to learn sequences to practice at home, this is a great class to build this knowledge base with confidence!

Wednesday 6:00 - 7:00 pm


Learn to heal and get re-connected with your body through 

intentional movement, breathing techniques and guided meditation practices. 

Warrior class

Warriors At Ease                                Monday    1:30 - 2:30 pm

WAE is a closed group class for veteran/active duty & 1st responders.



Healing ... Freedom classes help with gaining back courage and strength from grief or loss of something.  If you are interested, please send message.

Symptoms of trauma have infiltrated into the lives of civilians, military persons, 1st responders and their families. Studies show yoga and meditation helps combat the effects of post-traumatic stress. 

 "Deliberate engagement of the autonomic nervous system  (via breath, movement and meditation) may help individuals with trauma histories recover and re-balance their nervous systems after exposure to a stressful circumstance or environment cue."                                            (Justice, Brems, Elders (2018) Bridging Body and Mind: Considerations for Trauma-Informed Yoga)

Trauma is an all too common experience - life threatening situations, a move, pet dying, car accident, job loss, friend or family member passing  - anything that does not make you feel safe or re-occurs - can effect ongoing stress or depressive states if not released.  

We all process situations differently.  Trauma-informed yoga offers an array of techniques to explore and practice tools to help move through recurring, triggered situations.

If this sounds familiar, these classes can help you help yourself.

Together, we can expand the circle of healing and transformation!