Lone Star Yoga Warrior Workshops

Since June 2013, Circle Y Yoga Ranch has been offering a weekly breathing, stretching, balancing and meditation workshops at no charge for veterans and 1st responders. It is a closed group where there is freedom to release and let go in the company of brothers.


Training every Monday, 1:30 - 2:30 pm


Let us know you'll be joining us!

soldier plank

 Teaching at Texas Army National Guard in Weatherford, Texas.


Resilience Adaptive and Restorative Training

WARRIORS AT EASE Trauma-Sensitive Training

Available for Police & Fire Department Personnel

RAaRT is a coordinated care program using trauma-sensitive yoga techniques that help meet and overcome challenges of the job. RAaRT is an exclusive, safe community enhancing the practitioner's ability to perform better at their job. Mind-body skills are non-evasive, drug-free complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) that offer integrative health practice options as adjunctive treatment for post-traumatic stress. Using these skills promote healthy interactions with the body that may have become disconnected through trauma.

Regularly practiced workshops increase fitness levels and situational awareness of the body's 'internal environment'. Exercises concentrate on reconnecting breath, body and mind through science-based techniques promoting greater focus, patience and self-awareness. When self-aware, one is better able to take other's perspective into account. This awareness is essential in reading and de-escalating threatening situations.

The various techniques can become tools on and off the job. They help mitigate stressors that arise from traumatic experiences. These tools help balance tension, stress and trauma by self-regulating the body away from a "fight or flight" response to a "rest and digest" mode of being. Numerous studies show the benefits. As a result, mindfulness skill are now being integrated throughout the military, civil law enforcement, first responder agencies, corporations, in various training curricula, in schools and in hospital in-service programs. The department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, Walter Reed Medical Center, BAMC, USMC, overseas FOBs are just a few places pursuing these techniques.



24 teachers from across the U.S. came together near Fort Hood, one of the largest military installations in the world for a weekend of training to further elevate PTS focused yoga classes. WAE faculty members Beth Funk and Kelsy Timas lead this group of vast experienced professionals.